Comfort Casual
Kitchen and Bar
Monkey 68 in Alpharetta
When you dine at Monkey 68 Kitchen and Bar located at 160 N Main Street in Alpharetta, GA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our unique and tantalizing menu options which we describe as comfort casual with Asian influences. Call 470-223-4105, email or make a reservation. We also offer a broad selection of coffee, teas and custom cocktails.
Monkey 68 kitchen and bar offers ingredients that encourage experimentation. Come and try distinctive dishes including Hamachi Kama, crunchy Veggie Fritters, Angry Ribs, Soy-Butter Wing Pops, Oxtail Dumplings and Kimchi Butter Braised Tako. We offer a full range of custom cocktails such as Monkey See Monkey Drink, Rabbit on Green St., Dancing Goat, and Charming Snake. There are also a wide selection of domestic beers and wines. Drop in and enjoy speciality tea or coffee; brewed and steeped within minutes of your selection.
At Monkey 68 Kitchen and Bar you’ll dine in our rustic and chic, bright and airy space with high ceilings and a warm array of globe lights. We’re casual and designed for couples and friends to gather and share a comfortable meal together.
Korean Meatballs
short ribs, garlic, onion, mozzarella, crostini
Beef Tartar
A4 wagyu, bone marrow, soy-garlic marinade, pine nuts, quail egg, crostini
Veggie Fritters
zucchini, jalapenos, green onions, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, sweet-soy
Oxtail Dumplings
braised oxtail, onion, carrots, garlic, ginger, cabbage
Mushroom Risotto
shitake & inoki butter risotto
Hamachi Carpaccio
cilantro, sriracha, radish, balsamic pearls, honey yuzu
Pork Belly Crisp
oven baked pork belly, sweet & spicy neji salad, truffle salt, sesame oil, five spice
Spicy Miso Soup
tofu, shrimp, mussels, korean squash, exotic mushrooms
Salmon Crudo
olive oil, sea salt, fried capers, shallots, kizami wasabi, masago aioli

5:00pm - 9:00pm



Monkey 68
Kitchen and Bar
160 N Main Street
Alpharetta, GA
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