Curious options in Asian dining await you at Monkey 68 at 1073 Green Street in historic Roswell. Come experience the freshest, most diverse selections inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Korean influences. Email, call 770-587-3277 or reserve now. Explore your curious nature at Monkey 68!

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Monkey 68 is Asian cuisine taken to a new level of flavor. Our popular dishes include stir-fried edamame, asparagus fries, bang bang shrimp, Wagyu steak, Korean gumbo, grilled potbelly with stir-fried kimchi and Korean short rib on rice and we have an extensive sushi menu. Small size plates promote sharing. You can trust that our pairings will always be a clever combination of Asian flavor refined to perfection.
Monkey 68 drinks and custom cocktails are made with fresh ingredients featuring tropical flavors like passion fruit and mango. Surprise yourself and order by your astrological sign or try the Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon or Rooster booster.
Located in a quaint historic house, Monkey 68 reflects the vibe of a quiet hometown street. Inside the mood shifts to a modern flair with brushed metals, retro-tile, and warm gray textures that accent a central bar and a split-level dining room. Monkey 68 is innovative, yet relaxed - a unique gathering place to have fun and enjoy each other's company.
Be curious
Japanese Spiced Brussels Sprouts
roasted, garlic yuzu
Crouching tiger
Iwai, Lillet, organic honey, peach oolong ice cube
Truffled Salad
frisée, arugula, arcadian, cherry tomatoes, truffle vinaigrette
Jjang Jjorim with Buttered Rice
braised beef brisket, buttered rice, daikon, enoki mushrooms
Yellowtail Jalapeño Shots
cilantro, sriracha, radish, balsamic pearls, honey yuzu
Laughing horse
Square one basil vodka, muddled strawberry, agave nectar, lemon ginger beer, crushed ice
Spicy Tuna on the Rocks
spicy tuna, jalapeno, cilantro, soy garlic chili
Gangnam Style
short ribs,fried kimchi, misoaioli, scallions, pickled cucumber, seared ribeye
Charming snake
Mazcal, Luxardo cherry Sangue Morlacco, blackberry peppercorn shrub, lime
Bulgogi Cheesesteak
ribeye, gochujang butter, cheese, baguette, kimchi relish, sweet potato chips
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5:00pm - 9:30pm
5:00pm - 9:00pm

Monkey 68
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Roswell, GA
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